Football, Through Rose Colored Glasses?

Football’s Rose Colored Glasses – Is It True?

As fans, we tend to view our athletes with rose colored glasses. As parents, it’s hard to remove those and take stock of our athletes, who after all, sprang from our loins, full of unrealized promise. Is my son a good football player, or have the love goggles redirected objectivity yet again?

Arguments ensue over less. Thankfully, there are ways to pick the wheat from the chaff.

Sport is, after all, a results oriented activity. For all its other attributes, in the end, there are hard numbers to tell the tale. Success or failure? Ultimately, a look at the stats reveals the cold, hard truth. Maybe your son would be better off playing basketball, soccer, or the trumpet.

Football…… well, maybe it’s just another way to spend Saturday. Will he ever play on Saturdays, on the way to playing on Sundays? For most, that’s an eternity down the road, if they ever even sniff D1 field turf. All there is now are the numbers.

How do they stack up, really?

Team Results

  • 2nd Playoff Round, 3 seconds from league championship game

Player Results:

  • Season Team Captain
  • 2-Way Starter
  • National FBU Tournament Team Selection
  • Member of Winter 2014 League Championship IYFL Arena Football Team
  • 2014 Lawyer Milloy / Bruce Irvin Football Camp – Outstanding Wide Receiver Award

Led the team in (Despite missing 2 games):

  • Receiving TDs
  • Receptions
  • Receiving Yards
  • Yards per Reception (for players with 5 or more catches)
  • Interceptions
  • Passes Defensed

Other Highlights:

  • Team’s longest play from scrimmage
  • Team’s longest TD

In the beauty pageant that is football, numbers never lie.

7on7 Football Interception
Kent Knights DB Michael Faber Gets Up for the 1-Handed INT in Spring 2015 7on7


Rose colored glasses, or player?

Congrats to Team Seattle – FBU National Championship Runners Up

Congrats to Team Seattle – FBU National Championship Runners Up

The kids played their hearts out. Both the 7th and 8th grade iterations of Team Seattle fought their way through the regional rounds in Sacramento, to earn berths in the San Antonio FBU National Championship semi finals.

The 8th grade team won their semi final round, and played in the Alamo Dome for the FBU National Championship. Unfortunately, they ran up against a fearsome Georgia team and weren’t able to rein supreme. In this case however, reaching the Dome is a pretty special victory in itself.

Team OR 6th graders that bested Team Seattle’s 6th graders also played their way through to the semi-final round in San Antonio, showing the country what kind of football is to be found in the northwest, far outside  outside the friendly confines of Century Link Field. As with Team Seattle 7th graders, they didn’t get a chance to play in the Alamo Dome for the National Championship.

FBU National Championship Broadcast on ESPN

Team Seattle 8th graders may not have lived their dreams of winning the FBU National Championship, but many realized another, playing on a national stage. The game was streamed live on ESPN3, with plays called by national announcers, replete with slow motion highlights and all.

Congrats to all the kids, coaches and staff who worked so hard to make this road to the championship happen.