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An Open Letter to Athletes – If You Have the Talent, You Have the Choice

Open Letter to Young Athletes

If You Have the Talent, You Have the Choice

You have the all too rare chance to achieve something really great. Few, if any of your friends are in that position. It’s not fair that in the same situation, those who don’t have the choice risk nothing, while you risk everything; but that’s how it is.

You work very hard and have seen it start to pay off. It will take much more to reach what you’re really capable of. All your dreams are right in front of you. Unlike many others whose dreams will remain just that, you have the chance to live yours.

Never forget that you’re old enough now to be one bad decision or someone’s social media share away from joining those whose dreams are destined to remain unreachable. You’ll be able to climb the mountain, but find no prize waiting at the top, no matter how skilled a climber you are.

That split second which puts everything out of reach may even seem like no big deal at the time. It may seem funny, a joke; just boys being boys. Others won’t see it so cavalierly though.

Be a savage on the field or be one on social media. The choice is yours and you’d better choose wisely.
You won’t get both.

Social media?
Better hope every single one of your 1,000 followers, or anyone they send it to, likes what they see. Who’s looking? What they see is a reflection of their team, company, organization, or school, if they let you be a part of it. Will you shine a good light on it for them, or will they decide that your savagery is not how they want their organization, team, or school to be portrayed?

You’ll simply be scratched off a list you didn’t even know you were on. The coveted phone calls reaching others instead, while you wait and wonder. If the infraction is severe enough in the minds of those that matter, you could even be denied the ability to play at all, even now.

How will you make all the family, friends, teachers and coaches who have supported you feel? It can be extreme pride or abject disappointment. Again, the choice is yours to make.

Don’t take your own dreams away, when you are one of the few for whom living them is a real opportunity. “I could have been, if only….” is a thought you don’t want to live with for the rest of your life, especially when you could look back and say “I was”

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It’s Football – The Season Approaches

After an interminable wait, tempered by the FBU tournament, a season of 7 on 7, and indoor arena tackle football, the 2014 Football season is approaching fast. In less than 60 days, players will gather in the hot August sun. Old friendships renewed and summer vacation activities discussed, both overshadowed by the pigskin fueled buzz in the air.

The little ones, never really sure about this new game they’ve found themselves playing, mingle about, chattering eagerly or pensively watching the older boys who’ve been there before. Some, pushed by parents, others following older brothers, a few pulled by thirst for a game they’ve yet to play, but none really sure yet what the game has in store.

7 on 7 football game
A 7 on 7 season kept things going through the winter.

Spiral intersected routes abound. Groups form and disband on the grassy expanse. The wait; nearly over. Coaches, some new, others with whistle welded to clenched fist, oversee their new charges, watch for glimmers of promise. “12 lines, starting here!” “NOW!”

….and we’re off!!


Football, Through Rose Colored Glasses?

Football’s Rose Colored Glasses – Is It True?

As fans, we tend to view our athletes with rose colored glasses. As parents, it’s hard to remove those and take stock of our athletes, who after all, sprang from our loins, full of unrealized promise. Is my son a good football player, or have the love goggles redirected objectivity yet again?

Arguments ensue over less. Thankfully, there are ways to pick the wheat from the chaff.

Sport is, after all, a results oriented activity. For all its other attributes, in the end, there are hard numbers to tell the tale. Success or failure? Ultimately, a look at the stats reveals the cold, hard truth. Maybe your son would be better off playing basketball, soccer, or the trumpet.

Football…… well, maybe it’s just another way to spend Saturday. Will he ever play on Saturdays, on the way to playing on Sundays? For most, that’s an eternity down the road, if they ever even sniff D1 field turf. All there is now are the numbers.

How do they stack up, really?

Team Results

  • 2nd Playoff Round, 3 seconds from league championship game

Player Results:

  • Season Team Captain
  • 2-Way Starter
  • National FBU Tournament Team Selection
  • Member of Winter 2014 League Championship IYFL Arena Football Team
  • 2014 Lawyer Milloy / Bruce Irvin Football Camp – Outstanding Wide Receiver Award

Led the team in (Despite missing 2 games):

  • Receiving TDs
  • Receptions
  • Receiving Yards
  • Yards per Reception (for players with 5 or more catches)
  • Interceptions
  • Passes Defensed

Other Highlights:

  • Team’s longest play from scrimmage
  • Team’s longest TD

In the beauty pageant that is football, numbers never lie.

7on7 Football Interception
Kent Knights DB Michael Faber Gets Up for the 1-Handed INT in Spring 2015 7on7


Rose colored glasses, or player?