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 How Can I Help the Kids?

There are those rare times in life when you really do have the opportunity to realize a dream. A group of kids from the Seattle area finally has the chance to do just that. Remember the most momentous occasion from your childhood, the pure thrill, and how it affected you?  Think of how you’ve held those memories dear for the rest of your life.

What is It?

These kids have the chance to represent western Washington in the FBU National Championship Football Tournament. Produced by the same organization that does the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, the tournament is structured like the NCAA basketball tourney, with 64 youth football teams each in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades from around North America.

The participants on each team are hand picked  from the youth football teams throughout their region for their effort, ability, and leadership. Western Washington is represented by Team Seattle, 32 kids who’ve worked their tails off all year to excel in their sport. Their hard work and dedication was rewarded when they were selected to be part of  this tournament.

You have the opportunity to help fulfill the culmination of the kids’ hopes and dreams. It’s the rare chance for them compete on a national stage against the very best in their sport, and represent something much larger than themselves.

It’s Right Around the Corner

The 2013 tournament begins with area games, with Team Seattle’s area games held at Eastside Catholic High School Stadium in Sammamish on December 7th.  Area winners advance to one of 4 regional brackets. Team Seattle’s regional bracket will be in Sacramento CA on  Dec 15th.

The tournament’s zenith is the final 4 teams meeting at San Antonio, TX to play for the national title in the Alamo Dome! Imagine what it would mean for the kids to walk out on to the Alamo Dome field, under the lights, to play the game of their lives representing western Washington.

You have an opportunity to help make that happen for these kids. Transportation and lodging for over 30 kids, plus staff and coaches  is very expensive. Most of the kids families simply don’t have the resources to undertake it.

You can help, though, and it would be so much appreciated.

The FBU Seattle 6th Grade Football Team is currently raffling off three Visa Gift Cards. The money raised will go towards deferring the costs of practice time and future travel expenses. The amounts of the Winning Raffle Prizes are $500.00, $250.00, and $100.00. Tickets are $20.00 each. All tickets sold on Facebook will be photographed and messaged to the person for proof of purchase.

Drawing date is December 8, 2013, so please act now. These kids are really good, and they’ve worked so hard. The Road to the Dome in San Antonio, Texas is right in front of them….F…B…U Know!!!!!!!

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Team Seattle Info and Roster – See the Kids

2013 Team Seattle 6th Grade Facebook Page

The FBU National Championship from 2012

Some FBU Team Seattle Kids in Action

Kent Knights receiver Michael Faber takes it 63 yards to the house against the Puyallup Roughriders (Who eventually won the game, and the league championship). Michael, plus 2 of his Kent Knights teammates (Nick Musga and Jacob Crumb), plus a host of Roughriders (Josh Auvaa, , , ,) are on the FBU team together.

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