It’s Football – The Season Approaches

After an interminable wait, tempered by the FBU tournament, a season of 7 on 7, and indoor arena tackle football, the 2014 Football season is approaching fast. In less than 60 days, players will gather in the hot August sun. Old friendships renewed and summer vacation activities discussed, both overshadowed by the pigskin fueled buzz in the air.

The little ones, never really sure about this new game they’ve found themselves playing, mingle about, chattering eagerly or pensively watching the older boys who’ve been there before. Some, pushed by parents, others following older brothers, a few pulled by thirst for a game they’ve yet to play, but none really sure yet what the game has in store.

7 on 7 football game
A 7 on 7 season kept things going through the winter.

Spiral intersected routes abound. Groups form and disband on the grassy expanse. The wait; nearly over. Coaches, some new, others with whistle welded to clenched fist, oversee their new charges, watch for glimmers of promise. “12 lines, starting here!” “NOW!”

….and we’re off!!


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