7on7 Passing League Football – The New Football?

7on7 Passing League Football – The New Football?

It’s sweeping the nation, 7on7 passing league football. 7on7 is action packed, fun to watch, a blast to play, and helps players develop DB, QB, and WR skills in what was formerly the off season. As it is with many college and pro athletes,  off seasons are largely in the rear view mirror. For most high school and even middle school players, it’s training year round if you want to stay competitive.

The competition 7on7 offers lets players come to fall camps better players than when they left at the end of the previous season. Most elite level players are fierce competitors. For them, winter and spring 7on7 is just what the doctor ordered.

5 years ago, 7on7 was largely confined to southern football hotbeds: Texas, Georgia, So Cal, and Florida. Those days are gone, with 7on7 leagues springing up throughout the US and Canada.

It doesn’t stop with new leagues. Tournaments are available nearly everywhere, with many leading up to national contests. Some are in major venues, with leading 7on7 organization PylonFootball holding a youth tourney on July 4th in Texas Stadium. Yes, THAT Texas Stadium; the house that Jerry built. Few 6th – 8th graders would ever get the chance to play on such a stage otherwise.

In the Pacific NW, Barton Football holds their Battle in Seattle 7on7 Passing Tournament, attracting some of the region’s best high school and youth players, looking for a win and the chance to prove their talent. Talent was there in abundance, with one team in 2014 fielding 13 signed D1 college recruits, and the media such players attract. 2015 talent was just as prolific.

Ah, recruiting, there is the other big 7on7 draw. As southern players discovered,  7on7 is terrific for not only improving your skills, but showcasing them. It offers media members a way to see many elite level players together in one place at the same time. For athletes, especially those from smaller schools who may be miss the exposure those from larger schools get, it’s pure recruiting gold.

Most of these are flag or 2 hand touch, so although the competition’s fierce, the contact isn’t (usually). Even so, many organizations require all players except QBs to wear soft shell helmets to guard against collision caused head injuries. It’s another plus for athletes looking to skill up without getting laid up.

7on7 passing league football is exploding in popularity with good reason. If your kids just need a way to occupy their spring, or are more advanced athletes trying to pave the way to college, 7on7 may be just the ticket.

Here’s What You Get With 7on7 Passing



7on7 Football Interception
Kent Knights DB Michael Faber Gets Up for the 1-Handed INT
DB Picks Clean
DB Picks Clean


7on7 Passing league football defense
Knights’ DB Max Garett Ds Up WR Mez Johnson


7on7 passing league INT
Knights’ DB Michael Faber high points an INT in 7on7 passing league football for the Kent Knights.


Knights' WR Mez Johnson gets in for a TD.

Knights’ WR Mez Johnson gets in for a TD.


7on7 football diving catch
Knights’ WR Dyllon Daniels makes a dope diving catch.


Check with  youth football organizations or school coaches for local 7on7 teams and leagues. Below are a few (but nowhere near all) organizations offering 7on7 passing league football competition. If you want your organization listed, please let me know in the comments, thanks!

Texas Elite 7on7 (TX)

Pylon Football (TX, holds tournaments throughout the US)

Western States Athletics (CA)

4 Vertical (CA)

Barton Football (Metro Seattle and Portland, OR Areas)

Kent Knights (WA)

All American 7on7 (IL)

Georgia 7on7 Passing League (GA)